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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  March 8, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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first thing when you wake up, noticed the war. current temperatures are where they would normally be in the afternoon. 54 in arlington. chevy chase 55. winchester, 52. very warm start to the day. take a look at our forecast for this afternoon. -- high temperatures in the low to mid 70's. winds out of the southwest gusting up to august 30 miles per hour. tonight, areas of light rain and breezy. us go to lisa now with the commute. >> looking directly at traffic across from the wilson bridge. nothing complicated. we will show you virginia next in springfield. headlights are northbound. everything moving smoothly for now. the 14th street bridge in good shape. 270 and i70, no worries for you.
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>> police searching for a person behind a shooting in southeast. it happened -- officers say a man was shot in the side and apparently somebody fired shots at his car. the victim walked to an ambulance for treatment. power has been restored to nearly 1900 customers in oxon hill's. it was not down after a car and crashed into a utility pole. this happened on livingston road. no one was hurt. because of the crash is still under investigation. >> were suspicious letters and white power -- white powder have shown up in the district this week. john gonzales with more on this developing story. >> the fbi is working to link for suspicious letters mailed to different areas of the city with letters discovered around the country. yet today, a woman was
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transported by ambulance after -- as a precaution. hours earlier a school in northwest was evacuated. students were returned to class after that letter was deemed harmless. >> you have to be prepared. >> earlier this week, letters were found at restaurants in chinatown and inside the reagan building. sources say one of the envelope was postmarked from texas and contained a letter threatening the fbi and cia. >> the more protection they have, the better. quite the letters found with white powder were opened in melrose in six different states including texas, new york, and connecticut. >> that was john gonzales reporting. you may want to brace yourself for a possible power and
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satellite destruction this morning because of a solar storm affecting the earth. the solar flares are expected to hit later today. >> a lot of people are going to be asking what this means. the solar flares are large events that are part of the son's normal cycle. on tuesday, the son erupted with the second-largest buyer of its cycle. today it could have an impact on things we use every day. traveling at more than 1,000 miles per minute, these solar flares are heading towards earth this morning. >> this is coming towards us. keep watching. do not get hysterical. >> officials say there is no need to panic. there could be cause for concern. the storms could disrupt satellite communication including gps, possibly causing power outages.
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the flares could also interfere with flights. >> it is prudent to reroute aircraft. gps systems and some lights are vulnerable. they wind up skirting farther south, trying to stay away from where the major number of particles happens to be. >> and do not blame the power co., a satellite phone provider, or radio station if something goes wrong. it is the sun at least until friday when the solar storm comes to an end. >> 8156year-old virginia tradition could be coming to an end. the nonprofit group that operates the virginia state fair has liquidated its assets and canceled all failed events. the group failed to reach an agreement with creditors. the fair started in richmond in the 1850's. >> still to come, police believe racing led to a crash in
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>> let's start with adam caskey. it feels great to leave the jacket in the closet today. that is what you can do. in the 50's right now. normally we would have temperatures like this in the afternoon. instead, it is a sign for things to come. 53 in the district. that is our average afternoon high. 54 in gaithersburg. fredericksburg, of 56 degrees. los 70's today. a southwesterly breeze. about -- dusting about 35 miles per hour. later on tomorrow, we are going to colt -- cool down. tonight, areas of light rain.
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tomorrow, dropping back into the 50's. saturday, 51. we will have a lot of sunshine. 60 by sunday. lisa, what about the commute? collect the commute looked good in virginia. good on seven, the greenway, the toll road, and across the american legion bridge. check out the pace. southbound at father hurley boulevard. no worries to report all the way to the belt way across the resolution bridge. >> police believe racing may have led to a crash that killed a driver. it happened late yesterday afternoon on randolph road. police say a silver car made contact with a blue nissan altima. the driver of that vehicle was killed. he has been identified as nevis
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garcia. for firefighters at recovering after getting into a tragic accident heading to a fire in anne arundel county. they were trying to respond to a fire at the pinewood eased senior living facility where a man suffered life-threatening burns. >> leaders say they have reached a deal on a bill to overhaul highway programs. senators are expected to begin debating the compromise bill today. the government could lose its authority to dispense highway aid. the time is 5:10 and 54 degrees. >> how newt gingrich is responding to calls to drop out.
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>> apple unveiled its new ipad.
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. >> we are going to check our top stories now. investigators looking for a gunman behind an overnight shooting in southeast washington. a man was shot in the side. we are told he was able to walk to the ambulance. he is expected to survive. there is no word on what led to the shooting. earth bracing for the largest solar storm in five years. forecasters say particles from the sun could reach the earth sometime this morning. it could disrupt power grids and
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ups -- gps devices. the virginia state fair is going to fade into history. the organization that runs the fair is liquidating and cancelling all of its events because it failed to reach an agreement with creditors. >> mitt romney may be the gop front runner, but none of his rivals are ready to throw in the towel. >> we are staying in this race because i believe it is going to be impossible for a moderate to win the general election. >> mitt romney has twice as many delegates as newt gingrich and rick santorum. the math makes it impossible for any of them to win the nomination. president obama's reelection campaign plans to release a 17- minute documentary about his first term in office. the film will be screened across the country.
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the film was made by david guggenheim. >> it looks like rush limbaugh is losing more advertisers after comments he made about georgetown law student sandra fluke. 45 companies have now pulled their spots. he says advertiser defections have been exaggerated. he has apologized for calling her a prostitute. quite today's "tech bytes." we are finally getting a new look at the new ipad. >> it is set to blow away the competition. >> apple unveiled the latest ipad the new tablet features a faster processor and an improved camera. the big difference is the screen. >> it has a retina display with amazing resolution.
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it looks incredibly beautiful on display. pictures text, and videos -- that is my first impression. the display is going to be the game changes. >> no other tablet on the market had a display this good. apple is keeping the ipad 2, but slashing the price. a higher resolution of the apple tv set will go on sale next week. a larger -- the largest solar storm in five years is arriving today. it can disrupt communication and power grids. >> thank you. >> it keeps getting better and better. i know there will be another version in another year. >> how about one for free. that would work out quite nicely. we will give you the chance to do just that on us. >> all you have to do is go to
5:17 am we will announce the winner tomorrow on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> i will leave all that solar flare two years scientist -- to use scientists. >> it should make for a great aurora. the -- we have the full moon counteracting that. it is not the best view it could be. weather wise -- mild today. temperatures right around where they would normally be for the afternoon. it will last one more day -- today. then they will drop friday and into saturday. 53 in the district. 50 in winchester. the cool spot is cumberland. 41. 64 in gaithersburg. -- 54 in gaithersburg. here is a wider view of temperatures.
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minneapolis 22. all of 29. rapid city 19. that is where the rapid -- cooler air is. it will push our way tomorrow and into friday. temperatures will drop over the next few days. we can see a few clouds out to our west moved in overhead. noticed that narrow band of rain just ahead of the cold front. from canada and south were down into a coma. that will push our way. as that front drops in, we are expecting some areas of light rain. after dinner time and while you are sleeping. a band of showers moving through town. about a quarter of an inch in spots. gusty winds out of the southwest. low to mid 70's this afternoon. as the cool air settles into place, tomorrow and saturday,
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temperatures will drop accordingly. dropping a little below average on saturday. lots of sunshine this weekend. 60 by sunday. that is your forecast. >> i keep seeing that spring forward clot thing. you have to keep reminding me. thank you out so much. adam caskey has our backs on the weather and that's bring forward thing. a quiet run. we thought we would start with a picture live in maryland on the 270. traffic going away from us is great. over to annapolis. take you to virginia. no worries 395. good right now on 66 group falls church heading onto i-95 in and out of baltimore. metro rail is on normal service. we will be back in less than 10 minutes. >> it is 5:19.
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>> the wizard trading deal breakers -- trailing the lakers by more than 20 points. however, what happened next is something we are not used to create
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>> got it. and the wizards have the lead. >> wizards down 21 points to the lakers. suddenly they spring to life. they spark an improbable 106-101 comeback win. >> pretty impressive. the last time the wizards beat the lakers was 2006.
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>> they got it done last night. here is the rest of sports. >> the dacey tournament kicks off this afternoon. the maryland terrapins -- the maryland terrapins play at noon. meanwhile, a georgetown will take on cincinnati. they will advance to out the quarterfinals with a victory over pittsburgh wednesday afternoon. today ponzi game will be the second match out between the hoyas this season. cincinnati won that earlier contest. georgetown hoping for a better ending today. >> thanks so much. it is 5:24 in a very mild 54 degrees outside. >> still ahead close to making
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some big moves. literally moving. what fans are saying about the possibility of the team moving training camp. >> tracking a very warm temperature ♪ ♪ [ male announcer
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> a restaurant -- investigators want to know if they are linked to other letters popping up several states. good morning, washington. >> we start with traffic and
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weather every 10 minutes. adam caskey is here with a first jet on a nice forecast. >> these are temperatures we would normally see later in the afternoon, for a high- temperature this time of year. we are starting our day in the low to mid 50's. centerville, 53. 54 in bethesda. 54 in northwest d.c. across the board, in the low to mid 50's. 70's later this afternoon. 72 for a high temperature. partly cloudy and a little dusty out there. 35 miles per hour at times. areas of rain later tonight. a cold front will drop temperatures for tomorrow back into the 50's. a little bit of rain, but most of it tonight. >> we will take it. what we have now is growing traffic. 66 normal stop heading into a
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manassas. 95, open all the way into springfield. a little more action on the highways. 270 -- a minor collision southbound leaving i 70 near 85. police on the scene tell me it is on the shoulder right now. >> a key witness in the south capitol street murder trial will be back on the stand today. nathaniel sims admitted to opening fire on a large group of people in march of 2010. he identified the five men on trial were behind the shooting spree. he said he did not know the victims and went along with the defendants who went after people who may have stolen a bracelet. police are offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of a hit-and-run driver. this happened on february 29 in laurel. it was captured on a metrobus. a white truck hit and critically
5:30 am
injured a pedestrian. the truck is a ford f-250. >> we are hearing from the prince george's county council woman allegedly caught driving 105 miles per hour on the beltway. >> i offer my utmost and sincere apologies for this to my constituents, colleagues, and all county residents. >> police gave her a warning and cited her for an unsafe lane change. this week, a party's upgraded the citation to reckless driving. it is possible our license could be suspended. >> maryland lawmakers trying to make it easier to remove elected officials. this comes after leslie johnson used a loophole in the lot to stay in office after pleading guilty to charges last year. the house and senate requiring state -- requiring officials
5:31 am
convicted of a felony to resign immediately. >> this is hard to believe. peyton manning is now looking for a job. >> the quarterback announced he had been released by the and the nep -- indianapolis colts. manning and the team or got emotional while talking about the departure. >> i have been a cold for almost all of my adult life. i guess in life nothing lasts forever. >> we have been so blessed to have him. we know the good times we have had together, the last week of shared together. >> and manning missed all of last season after a series of neck injuries. the colts did not think he was worth a $28 million bonus they would have had to pay to keep them. manning is a coveted free -- free agent. washington is interested. he may have visited miami last night. >> moving right along. >> it could be another big
5:32 am
change for the washington redskins. >> the team is considering moving the training camp to richmond. what fans are saying about this one. i cannot imagine they are happy. >> but there is not a lot of excitement. many of the fans we have talked to. we know the current training facility is almost 20 years old. people think it is time for them to get a new training facility. falls are hoping they would move closer to the district, not further away. officials from the washington redskins were in richmond yesterday afternoon during possible locations for a new training camp facility. they made several stops around the city, including the old city stadium, the former home of the university of richmond football team. >> richmond is a one hour drive. >> some of fans have a problem with the team moving in training camp. >> i think it will be an issue
5:33 am
for a lot of the fans who already spent money. we are not going to richmond. >> while richmond's mayor is trying to woo the skins, vincent gray is trying to bring the team back to the district. >> it would be wonderful to have the washington redskins back in the city. >> they are the washington redskins not the richmond redskins. >> with the recent success of the vcu basketball team, richmond's mayor is trying to make this city a sports destination. >> it is closer to where i live. coming all the way to d.c. it was impossible for me. >> a lot of folks would not like to see the skins had to richmond. it would not be the furthest they have ever had a summer training facility. as they used to train in carlisle, pennsylvania the.
5:34 am
richmond is about an equal distance. >> thank you. we will be watching to see how it develops. in the district, police want to note who has been sending suspicious letters containing white powder to several locations. john gonzales is live in northwest and joins us now with more on what has been going on. >> these letters have been sent to restaurants schools, even a bank in alabama disrupting cities across the country. the fbi is trying to figure out if they are connected. at least one letter that was sent here to the district targeted the fbi and the cia. at least four letters have been sent to d.c. suspicious letters with white powder have been delivered around the company. yet today a woman was transported by ambulance after she came in contact with a
5:35 am
mysterious substance. hours later a school was evacuated. they deemed the stuff in this letter was a harmless. sources tell abc 7 news a letter sent to a restaurant in the district targeted the fbi along with the cia. some residents are saying they think someone is looking for attention. some years ago, letters were sent from texas. and that person has not been found. >> 5:35 early on this thursday morning. the temperature is 54 degrees. >> to a head, a little bit of relief for drivers at the pump. we will have details on a dip in gas prices. >> the largest solar flare in years heading for earth.
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quite good morning to you washington. perth is bracing for an attack from the largest solar storm in five years. after hurtling through space for a day and a half, the charged particles are due to arrive this morning. they could disrupt utility grids, airline flights satellite networks, and gps services in the northern area. they could also create auroras. >> we will let the experts explain it to us. >> that is one of the biggest solar flares and we have seen in years. particles ejected out of the sun. because of the ionized particles, they are attracted to the polls -- the magnetic north and south poles.
5:40 am
my days in north dakota brought beautiful northern lights. sometimes on a nightly basis depending on what was going on. 53 degrees in the district. these are tatars we normally see in the afternoon. it will be a very warm day. went out of the south that 10 miles per hour. -- wind out of the south at what -- 10 miles per hour. highs in the low to mid 70's. cooler tomorrow. areas of rain late tonight after dinner time. the coolest they will be saturday. lisa. >> everything seemed to be moving very smartly. if you take smart rail, they are running on normal service. this is university boulevard moving at speed. the headlights are the outer loop. this is 395 on the way to the
5:41 am
pentagon north and southbound. looked wonderful. >> metro is trying to cut down on the number of suicide attempts. since 2005, 60 people have tried to commit suicide by getting in front of a moving train. about one-third survive. by january metro plan to have 900 train operators and station managers on ways to handle suicidal riders. >> it is 5:41. >> is very mild. coming up, drivers saw a little bit of a dip at the pump. >> you can call this a complete 180. the reality tv star is trading
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>> coming up at 6:00 this
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morning, a grave problem for the u.s. military. an investigation into the arlington cemetery. >> the gap between rich and poor. where the d.c. region breaks nastily when it comes to income equality. >> akaka nobel is hooking up for the most unhealthy cocteau you can imagine. that is all coming up at the top of the hour. right now, d.c. police investigating the death of a taller as a homicide. the 20-month-old boy found monday morning in the southeast. the child was taken to children's hospital where he died. investigators say the cause of death was a blunt impact from a. no one has been charged. >> women are upset after virginia gov. bob mcdonnell signed a controversial ultrasound bill.
5:46 am
women must have in of donell to sow before getting an abortion. in early inversion -- an earlier version called for a more invasive procedure. the law takes effect on july 1. collect seven on your side as toyota is recalling nearly 700,000 vehicles, most of them to call what trucks made between 2005 and 2009. also toyota camrys made in 2009 and venza crossovers and need to have a stop a lamp switch is replaced. after a long streak of rising prices, some drivers announcing a dip in gas prices. the national average stands at $3.76 for regular. they are lower -- they are higher than that in the district. >> it is a hot topic on the
5:47 am
presidential campaign trail. >> prices rose steadily for 27 days before dipping a bit this week. wednesday, newt gingrich campaigned on the issue in alabama. >> the only way you fix the price of this is by dramatically expanding supply. >> president obama also says prices are too high. >> it hurts families. it is not good for the overall economy. when gas prices go up, consumer spending oftentimes pulls back. >> henry waxman says expanding offshore drilling is not the answer. >> the republican mantra is we need to drill a baby, a drill. this may sound good, but it is based on a complete fiction. prices are still going up. >> brother that obama says domestic oil and gas production is the highest it has been in nine years. he also announced a clean energy
5:48 am
plan this week in north carolina. >> what we are going to say is if you make a commitment to buy more advanced vehicles for your community, whether they run on electricity, biofuels, or natural -- natural gas, we will help you cut through the red tape and build filling stations nearby. >> after months of anticipation, apple finally unveiled the new version of the ipad. >> instead of being called the ipad3 or ipad hd, it is called the ipad. it will be a little thicker and heavier than the ipad2. the new ipad will cost the same. it stores in little over a week on march 16. the new ipad is also this week's facebook giveaway. go to w.j. 8
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we will announce the winner tomorrow. >> are your kitchen appliances safe? a new report says consumer complaints are on the rise. wells fargo is looking to check -- tack on fees for checking account customers. quite good morning. wells fargo is reportedly planning a more fee hikes on checking accounts. the bank plans to charge $7 a month. unless customers keep a minimum balance of $1,500 or make monthly direct deposits of more than $500. customers got hit with this last year. the irs offered to help people out of work. fresh start penalty relief would give a six month wait. to the unemployed before the irs
5:50 am
imposes any penalties. the form is available on the official website. has your dishwasher started barking lately or has your oven turned on spontaneously? appliances are the top source of complaints in the first year of the product safety database. more than one-third of those filed were for kitchen appliances. that is business news live at bluebird headquarters in new york. back to you. >> reality tv star snookie confirms she is pregnant. >> she is on the cover of a magazine joint offer baby bop. this is her first child. as far as our future with the jersey shore show, snookie says she will visit the house but she will not live there anymore. >> jessica sense and it's having
5:51 am
a girl. it will be our first child. >> springtime. new babies. fiona apple is working on a new album and we hope there is a of a space for the long title. >> that is the title. it is shorter than her 1999 title, which was an eight-line point. the new album is expected to be released in june. >> i am excited. she has been gone for a while. >> she had problems with that long title. >> time for some warmer temperatures. >> we did it. we are doing it right now. tomorrow, we are back on the downswing. it is march in washington.
5:52 am
temperatures are constantly bouncing up and down. tomorrow we will be back on the downswing. let's take a look at conditions outside right now. a few clouds overhead. 53 degrees in washington. that is our average afternoon a high temperature. the temperatures now are what we would typically see in the afternoon. quantico is warmer. 57. bicol's part is cumberland. 41. that is the exception. 50 in hagerstown. not bad. here is the wider view. minneapolis 22. omaha 29. chicago cooler at 23. -- 43. these areas are significantly cooler. that is the area of the will be moving into town overnight in the next couple of days. a cold front in the midwest is pushing our way. a little bit of rain tonight.
5:53 am
notice the band of rain just ahead of the cold front. it stretches from canada into a coma. that will move in later on tonight after dinner time and while we are sleeping. nice and warm flow out of the south. you noticed the wind up more so today than you did yesterday. winds up to 35 miles per hour. 72 the high-temperature. tomorrow back into the 50's. below average by saturday. a weak rebound sunday. >> we are going to rebound quickly. we wanted to jump on over to the traffic coming out of frederick. a crash is on the shoulder and southbound 85. no worries on 26 or 340. good on 29 coming out of columbia. in loudoun county, nothing complicated on the green way. baltimore, washington parkway --
5:54 am
we thought it was a crash. turn out to be a stalled car. we take do towards a riverdale. nothing complicated to report. was it on back inside. >> 5:53. >> new [ female announcer ]
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great clean in less time. or your money back. >> we are learning new details about whitney houston's will.
5:57 am
>> she left everything to her 19-year-old daughter. that means she will inherit all of houston's money cars, and other personal belongings. her money will go into a trust and she will receive portions of that when she turned 21. the will was signed in 1993, one what before -- quite coming up, residents could be in for a longer commute for training camp. a proposal to possibly move the team of the training camp farther south. >> lisa baden coming back
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> straight ahead at 6:00, the biggest solar storm in five years on a collision course with earth. >> a shutdown in a school. is this link to suspicious letters in the mail nationwide? >> mitt romney wants his rivals to step aside. wishful thinking? >> later brief relief from rising gas prices. >> live and in hd, this


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